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I used chapter five of Tristram Shandy and a free trial version of Prizmo for the OCR editor. As others have noted, there were mostly errors on the level of the letter (such as confusing the letter s for f). While I am very unfamiliar with the software, perhaps having sort of an autocorrect dictionary could be useful in avoiding these mistakes, especially since they popped up so often.

I think it is very useful for these databases of digital facsimiles of these books to exist alongside actual copies of the books. The digital facsimile allows for a preservation of the original text; it allows us to understand the meaning of certain stylistic choices in context, and it allows us to get a better idea of the embodied experience of novel reading as it once was. Of course, being able to just get the text from the digital facsimile is extremely valuable, it allows for an increased ability to access the text. The two forms should not be considered as an exact replacements or conversions though, they are obviously connected but give us as the reader different ways of accessing the text.