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“Friday”, who we know as one of the main secondary characters in the novel, appears in the list of dates rather than names in the NER generated lists. Of course, this can be accounted for as an error on NER’s part, but it is telling of Friday’s role. Crusoe named him Friday rather deliberately, and it shows how marks his time on the island with events rather than actual time itself. From the text, we can read his description of Friday as being objectifying and dehumanizing. Friday being omitted from the list of people is indicative of how he is dehumanized by Crusoe but also can point to a fuller understanding of his actual name by putting it on the list of times. Interestingly, “Sunday” is the only other day of the week that is mentioned in the novel (or at least catalogued in the NER list), which is in line with Crusoe’s increasing commitment to religion throughout the novel. It is interesting that, according to the NER results, time is not as important a marker in the novel, or at least not as important as location for example, which has by far the most entries. Is there more significance behind Friday’s name because days of the week are so rarely mentioned? Perhaps it is a way for Crusoe to connect himself more with the way time is kept in mainstream society, off the island. Friday, through his character and his actual name, shows that Crusoe’s life on the island, though remote, is still indicative and reflective of society.